Commodity Market Review: Wheat, Cocoa, and Gold Prices Rise

Summary Wheat futures rise due to rainstorms in midwestern US and limited corn supply Cocoa prices peak as Ivory Coast and Ghana seek to cut supply Gold prices continue rally among global political tension Wheat  Persistent rainstorms in the US Great Plains area did not leave wheat untouched, with wheat futures climbing to the highest […]

Commodity Market Review: Coffee, Orange Juice, and Gold Prices Grow

Summary Coffee and orange juice markets influenced by currency fluctuations and weather conditions. Trade wars and expectations of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates lead to increased demand for gold. Coffee Brazil is the main producer of coffee beans, and the recent appreciation of the Brazilian Real has affected the value of coffee in […]

Commodity Market Review: Wheat, Coffee, Cocoa Prices Surging Over Week

Summary We are currently in what is referred to as a “Weather Market” in grain commodities as unusually bad weather continues to plague the Midwest and dictate market moves to the upside. Coffee markets influenced by currency fluctuations and natural factors. Production Issues in Ghana and Ivory Coast lead to decrease in Cocoa production and […]

Commodity Market Review: Trade War Increases Pressure on Soybean Prices

Summary: The trade war between US and China has dampened soybean (SOYB) demand. Palladium (PALL) prices fall as investors seek safer investments I Know First commodities forecast performance Soybean Prices Plummet; US Farmers Suffer [Source: Pixabay] The trade war between the US and China has placed tremendous pressure on soybean farmers. In July 2018, a […]

Commodity Market Review : Wheat Futures Peaked Amid Wet Weather Concerns

Summary: Rallying oil prices drives demand for natural rubber Heavy rain threatens wheat production Wheat Futures Peaked Wheat prices are higher in multiple markets, with short-covering gaining momentum from slow spring wheat planting and potential damage to some of the crops in key production regions as it heads toward maturity. Short-covering are also supportive to […]

Commodities Market Review: Oil and China’s Steel Rebar Price Surge

Summary: Gasoline (CME_RB1) has seen a price increase of 12.01% over the past month Shanghai Steel Rebar Futures (SHFE_RB2) are up on the rise with a 8.43% increase Brent Crude Futures (ICE_B1) are up on the rise with a 7.72% increase Ending Sanctions Led to Surge in Oil Prices Gasoline (CME_RB1) are up on the […]

Commodity Market Review: Gasoline futures rose up to 26.57% over the past month.

Summary: Gasoline Futures (CME_RB1) had a remarkable return over the past month. Platinum (^JPLAT) rose 19.33% over the past month. Zinc price is up due to low inventories. Gasoline Futures Gasoline Futures (CME_RB1) sees a remarkable return of 26.57% over the past month in line with I Know First forecast. The gasoline futures have risen for […]

Commodity Market Review: OPEC Relieves Fears Of A Crude Oil Oversupply

Summary: Crude Oil Futures (CME_CL1) are on the up with a 3.05% rise. The risks of a crude oil oversupply are less likely. Platinum Continues to See A Remarkable Rise. VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) sees a 10.83% increase. Crude Oil Futures (CME_CL1) are on the up with a 3.05% rise over the past […]

Commodity Market Review: Platinum’s Remarkable Rise Of 86.96% Over The Past Year

Summary: Platinum (^JPLAT) sees a remarkable return over the past month with a return of 29.96%. Platinum has consistently risen over the past year with an increase of +86.96% over the last year. A drop in U.S. gasoline stockpiles that was more than double market expectations lifted futures prices for the fuel to their highest […]

Commodity Market Review: Energy Continues to Climb with Gasoline Up 11.21%

Commodity Market Review: Summary: Gasoline (CME_RB1) and Crude Oil (CME_CL1) are both on the rise with increases of 21% and 6.16% respectively over the past 14 days. Platinum and Palladium Dominate the Commodity Exchanges. These commodities have seen a remarkable rise over the past few months and do not seem to be slowing down. Source: […]

Commodities Market Review: Strengthening Auto Industry Sends Platinum Higher

Commodities Market Review: Strengthening Auto Industry Sends Platinum Higher On February 15th, the price of Platinum hovered around 785 U.S. dollars per ounce. Over the past week, the price has steadily risen to over 850 dollars per ounce. Platinum is a precious metal that is commonly used for expensive jewelry, although it has other applications […]

Commodity Market Review: Gasoline Rises 10.83% Led by Saudi Oilfield Closures

Commodity Market Review: Summary: Gasoline prices are rising again this time hitting consumers at the pumps too. Brent Crude Oil (ICE_B1) futures rise +7.71% over the weekend. Platinum (^JPLAT) has continued to rise for a month straight now with a 26.17% increase over the past month. Source: GoodFreePhotos Gasoline futures (CME_RB1) rise 10.83% over the […]

Commodity Market Review: Environmental Concerns A Big Commodity Price Driver

Summary: Platinum (^JPLAT) sees a continued price increases of +17.20% over the past month. Sustainable energy production demands result in increased Uranium demand. Uranium rose by +9.23% over the month period from 6th Jan to 6th Source: Pexels Platinum (^JPLAT) sees a continued price increases of +17.20% over the past month 6th Jan to 6th […]

Commodities Market Review: Crude Oil Prices Surge 6.29% Amid Venezuela Sanctions

Summary: Nickel up 6.62% with global demand growing for Nickel especially in China the market outlook for nickel remains strong. Crude Oil is up 6.29% in 3 days amid worries that supply from Venezuela is only set to further fall. Gold (GDX) is up 4.27% in 3 days from 27th January to 30th Source: Flickr […]

Commodities Market Review: Precious Metal Demand Rises While Crude Oil Production Falls

Summary: Platinum (^JPLAT) saw an increase of +11.85% over the past month. Silver (SLV) continues to see a steady rise. Last week Crude Oil saw a rise of +4.28% over a seven-day time frame from the 14th January to the 21st The volatile oil production in Nigeria and Libya are one of the many situations […]

Commodities Market Review: Natural Gas Spikes 19.06% Amid Sudden Cold Snap

Summary: Over the past 14 days Natural Gas (CME_NG1) is up 19.08% (1st Jan to 15th Jan). Natural Gas has experienced an increased level of volatility of late. Over the same 14-day period live Cattle Futures (CME_LC1) are up 2.32%. With the start of January, we are seeing the new wave of summer cattle however, […]

Commodities Market Review: Oil Prices Continue to Fluctuate Amid OPEC Supply Cuts

Summary: Over the three day trading period from January 06 to January 10 crude oil future settlements (CME_CL1) saw returns of 9.65%. Palladium (PALL) has risen +9.33% over the past 14 days in good agreement to the bullish I Know First forecast. On January 6th I Know First algorithm issued bullish predictions for commodities for a 3-Day […]

Commodities Market Review: Crude Oil Drops 19.16% Precious Metals Outlook Is Positive

Summary: Over the past three months The Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (Ticker:XAU) have seen a positive increase of 7.13%. Coffee Futures (Ticker: ICE_KC1) saw a positive increase of 2.51% over the three-day period last week. Crude Oil (Ticker: CME_CL1) hit its lowest price for 2018 on Christmas day at $42.53 this is in line […]