Commodity Market Review: Gasoline futures rose up to 26.57% over the past month.


  • Gasoline Futures (CME_RB1) had a remarkable return over the past month.
  • Platinum (^JPLAT) rose 19.33% over the past month.
  • Zinc price is up due to low inventories.

Gasoline Futures

Gasoline Futures (CME_RB1) sees a remarkable return of 26.57% over the past month in line with I Know First forecast. The gasoline futures have risen for the last 2 months, as has crude oil. U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted “Very important that OPEC increase the flow of Oil. World Markets are fragile, price of Oil getting too high. Thank you!”, then the price of oil and gas declined the following days.


Platinum (^JPLAT) had a 19.33% rise over the past month, from 26th February to 26th March. Platinum is cheaper than palladium and gold right now. This price gap between platinum and palladium is creating an incentive for car markers to substitute the metal. I Know First has consistently been forecasting this increase and correctly tracking the rise of this metal.


Zinc price climbed to $2,948 a tonne on 29th of March, a rise of 15.52% in 3 months. Inventories are down 55% this year. The London Metal Exchange registered warehouses hold low inventories of many metals and is helping to increase the prices. I Know First successfully predicted the rise for zinc in 3 month time frame.

I Know First Successful Commodities Forecast

On the December 28th and February 26th , I Know First algorithm issued bullish predictions for commodities for a 90-day and 30-day time horizon respectively. The predictions include Gasoline Futures (CME_RB1),
Platinum (^JPLAT) and Zinc.

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