Gold News: Key Developments To Watch This Week For Gold And Oil

Gold prices fell last week for its second weekly drop in a row, as analysts speculated that interest rates would rise during the current year.

Gold News: Positive US Data Causes Commodities To Falter

Commodity prices declined after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen indicated that the central bank was ready to raise interest rates for the first time in six years in 2015.

Gold News: Gold Prices Extend Gains

Gold prices reached a new three-month high last week after more underwhelming US economic data.

Gold News: Gold Tied To Interest Rates, Falling Oil Rig Count Slows

Gold prices rose after the Federal Reserve meeting, while falling oil rig counts point to a recovery in US production.

Gold News: Commodities Rally Ahead Of Fed Meeting

Investors have been moving back into commodities over the past couple of weeks, especially crude oil. Signs that the global economy is healing and a pause in the US dollar’s rally has caused commodity prices to increase.

Oil Price News: Drop In US Rigs Points To Decreased Supply

Oil prices continued to rise on Monday, extending gains from last week. I Know First was able to predict this price increase in a forecast from last week.

Gold News: Interest Rate Hike Key Wildcard For Gold Prices

Disappointing economic data over the last couple of weeks mean the US economic recovery might have hit a snag, and the Fed now might wait to raise interest rates until later this year, if in 2015 at all.

Gold News: Mineable Gold Could Run Out In 20 Years

In another two decades, rare commodities such as gold could become extremely scarce according to analysts at Goldman Sachs. Gold prices could soar if the market believes that future discoveries will be limited, which very well could be the case.

Gold News: Commodities Rebound After Fed Meeting

Gold has increased 2.43% in the last week as the Federal Reserve’s cautious outlook caused market analysts to shift their expectations of when interest rates will be increased.

Gold News: Price Falls As Dollar Advances, India Maintains Import Duty

Gold has fallen 7.1% from a five-month high of over $1,300 an ounce of January 22nd, the day the European Central Bank announced a plan to buy bonds to bolster European growth.

Gold News: Precious Commodity Surges In 3 Months

Gold prices have risen over the last few months as investors look for a safe-haven for a variety of factors. Fears of a global economic slowdown, political instability in Greece, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and the move by the Swiss National Bank to remove the franc’s peg against the euro have all supported gold over that time, causing it to outperform other assets.

Gold News: Analyst Says Gold Will Increase 30% In 2015

Gold has tumbled 35% since reaching an all-time high just above $1900 an ounce in September 2011, as it fell 1.5% in 2014 after dropping 28% in 2013. Analyst Marc Faber believes that 2015 is now the time to move into the precious metal markets, as gold will increase around 30% in his opinion.

Oil Price Forecast For 2015

After almost five years of stability, oil prices have considerably dropped. Indeed, since June 2014, the price of oil has fallen by more than 40%, when it was $115 a barrel. Here is an outlook of the oil market for 2015.

Gold Forecast For 2015: What To Expect For The Upcoming Year?

In 2014, there is not so much to say about gold as we have seen very flat performance in the gold market. This is why there are very mixed feelings about the direction of gold prices for 2015. Here is an outlook of the gold market for 2015 from a bearish and bullish perspective.

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Gold News & An Algorithmic Perspective Of The Bearish Market

Gold has been in a bear market for well over a year now. Over the last two years, the price of gold has fallen from close to $1,800 per ounce to under $1,200. I Know First is able to predict how the price of gold will change over a future time period using a state-of-the-art predictive algorithm.

Gold News & Algorithmic Success Week’s Update

How does the current Gold and Silver market compare to past bear markets?
Gold mining shares down 41% in 3 months.
Gold drops 12.54% in 3 months.
Silver plunges 22.93% in 3 months.