Gold News: Gold Continues to Rally, Reaching a 15-month High

On Monday, Gold traded near a 15-month high as a tumble in the dollar and weakness in global equities pushed investors towarsd the precious metal.

Gold News: China Launched its own Gold Rating System

To know the price of spot gold, investors instantly turn to London, the world reference in term of gold. However, sometimes soon, they will also have the possibility to turn to Shanghai.

Gold News: Gold Still Soaring Due to Turmoil in the Oil Markets

Gold advanced as turmoil across oil markets increased demand for a safe haven

Gold News: Gold On The Rise As The U.S. Dollar Weakens

Gold prices gained this week due to the weakened U.S dollar against other major currencies.

Gold News: Negative Rates Fuel Increased Demand

According to industry organizations, gold future are set to be on the rise in the upcoming months due to an increase in demand from investors and central banks alike.

Gold News: The Mixed Opinions

Gold closed at its worst week of 2016 last week, which raised worry around the industry.

Gold News: The Booming of Gold

During the early months of 2016, gold has been performing well and outperforming all major asset classes, a surprise to most investors.

Gold News: UBS Wealth Management Determines Ideal Selling Point for Gold

As bond yields fall and some countries have implemented negative interest rates, gold has increased by 19% this year, outperforming all other asset classes

Gold News: Gold Prices Reach 13 Month High

Gold has had its best start of the year, as investors have purchased the precious metal at the highest rates in seven years,

Gold News: Deutsche Bank Makes The Case For Gold

Gold News On Friday February 26th, Deutsche Bank issued a note declaring that economic signs would indicate that it is a good time to buy gold. In the note Deutsche Bank explained “There are rising stresses in the global financial system; in particular the rising risk of a U.S. corporate default cycle and the risk […]

Gold News: Gold Futures Close The Week Higher After 3 Consecutive Gains

Gold has been doing incredibly well since the beginning of 2016, however, there is some evidence to suggest that the metal could have reached its peak.

Gold News: Gold A Refuge from Volatility

Investors have looked back on the gold as a safe haven from which investors protect their investments against turbulent volatility.

Gold News: Demand For Gold ETFs Increases at Fastest Rate in More Than A Year

Investments in gold ETFs are increasing as investors become more fearful of volatility in financial markets.

Gold News: A Sweet Month for Gold Investors

There were pretty days for Gold investors, raising about 1.4% during last week.

Gold News: Will Gold Outperforms Stocks?

Gold has had a good performance this January, with gains that have been consolidated throughout the month.

Gold News: After a Strong Start in 2016, Gold Prices Fell For the Weekend

As investors began the year with strong fears that slowed growth in China will slow down the global pace of business, hamper the world economy, and interfere with the fragile US markets, many people flocked to Gold.

Gold News: Does gold work as a safe heaven?

It has been a rough ride for gold investors in recent years and the last week wasn´t the exception when gold lost more than 1%

Gold News: Finally Some Hope For Gold Investors

Since 2011 gold has been in the bearish market. Now, after a strong week for the yellow metal where the price increased to over 4%, some analysts are beginning to be bullish on gold for 2016.