Commodities Market Review: Oil and China’s Steel Rebar Price Surge

Summary: Gasoline (CME_RB1) has seen a price increase of 12.01% over the past month Shanghai Steel Rebar Futures (SHFE_RB2) are up on the rise with a 8.43% increase Brent Crude Futures (ICE_B1) are up on the rise with a 7.72% increase Ending Sanctions Led to Surge in Oil Prices Gasoline (CME_RB1) are up on the […]

Commodities Market Review: Chinese Steel Soared on Restricted Output

Chinese Rebar Reached a 7-Year High After the Trump administration announced the plan of slapping 10 percent tariffs on an extra $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, most of the Chinese commodities were depressed, including metals guided by copper, chemicals and crude oil. However, the steel market stayed robust, mainly supported by the Chinese anti-pollution […]