Commodity Market Review: Energy Continues to Climb with Gasoline Up 11.21%

Commodity Market Review: Summary: Gasoline (CME_RB1) and Crude Oil (CME_CL1) are both on the rise with increases of 21% and 6.16% respectively over the past 14 days. Platinum and Palladium Dominate the Commodity Exchanges. These commodities have seen a remarkable rise over the past few months and do not seem to be slowing down. Source: […]

Commodity Market Review: Gasoline Rises 10.83% Led by Saudi Oilfield Closures

Commodity Market Review: Summary: Gasoline prices are rising again this time hitting consumers at the pumps too. Brent Crude Oil (ICE_B1) futures rise +7.71% over the weekend. Platinum (^JPLAT) has continued to rise for a month straight now with a 26.17% increase over the past month. Source: GoodFreePhotos Gasoline futures (CME_RB1) rise 10.83% over the […]

Commodities Market Review: Precious Metal Demand Rises While Crude Oil Production Falls

Summary: Platinum (^JPLAT) saw an increase of +11.85% over the past month. Silver (SLV) continues to see a steady rise. Last week Crude Oil saw a rise of +4.28% over a seven-day time frame from the 14th January to the 21st The volatile oil production in Nigeria and Libya are one of the many situations […]