Commodities Forecast: I Know First Commodities Coverage Update


  • I Know First updated the commodity package which covers 44 commodity indices now.
  • The best performers are the ^BCOMKw (up 40.46% over 7-days) and Nickel (up 196.43% over 1-year).
  • I Know First continues to perfect the AI algorithm and provides Commodity services to both institutional and private customers.
  • I Know First provides an investment strategy for institutional investors that generated a return of 100.18% and exceeded the S&P 500 return by 88.86%.

The algorithm of I Know First tracks and provides forecasting for a broad range of commodity indices to help our clients construct an effective portfolio based on their preferences and investment periods from 3-day to 1-year horizons. Currently, we have updated the commodity forecast package which covers now 44 commodity indices.

Commodity Market Overview: Nickel, USO, & GSP Growing

Summary – Commodity Market Overview Indonesia’s upcoming export ban on ore along with increasing demand for electric vehicle batteries has increased the price of nickel.  Meteorological, political, and inventory uncertainty is causing oil prices to grow.  The GSP price has increased due to more expensive energy commodities such as oil and an increase in the […]

Commodity Market Review: Coffee, Palladium, and Gold Look Golden

Summary: Coffee, Palladium, and Gold Commodity Review Fears of frost in Brazil combined with an appreciating Brazilian Real have increased the cost of coffee. Global economic and political tension along with expectations of interest rate cuts have increased the price of precious metals. Coffee Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans. The state […]

Commodity Market Review: Coffee, Orange Juice, and Gold Prices Grow

Summary Coffee and orange juice markets influenced by currency fluctuations and weather conditions. Trade wars and expectations of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates lead to increased demand for gold. Coffee Brazil is the main producer of coffee beans, and the recent appreciation of the Brazilian Real has affected the value of coffee in […]

Commodities Outlook: Up To 9.19% Return In 1 Month

Top 10 commodities for the long and short position from March 4th 2015 (before market opening) until April 4th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

Oil Price Forecast: Average Return of 8.56% In 14 Days

Oil prediction from March 6th 2015 (before market opening) until March 20th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

Oil Price Forecast: Up To 12.78% Return In 1 Month

Oil prediction from January 9th 2015 (before market opening) until February 9th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

Oil Price Forecast: An Average Return of 23.02% In 3 Month

Gold Forecast

Physical Gold, Physical Silver, Crude Oil e Brent Oil price prediction from October 20th 2014 (before market opening) until January 20th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

Crude Oil Forecast: 21.91% Decrease In 1 Month

Oil Price Prediction Based on Predictive Analytics

Crude Oil direction price prediction from November 28th 2014 (before market opening) until December 28th 2014 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

Sugar Forecast Based on Algorithms: SB1’s Chart of the Last 5 Months

Sugar forecast from June 24th 2014 until November 11th 2014.