Commodity Market Review: Coffee, Palladium, and Gold Look Golden

Summary: Coffee, Palladium, and Gold Commodity Review Fears of frost in Brazil combined with an appreciating Brazilian Real have increased the cost of coffee. Global economic and political tension along with expectations of interest rate cuts have increased the price of precious metals. Coffee Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans. The state […]

Commodity Market Review: Trade War Increases Pressure on Soybean Prices

Summary: The trade war between US and China has dampened soybean (SOYB) demand. Palladium (PALL) prices fall as investors seek safer investments I Know First commodities forecast performance Soybean Prices Plummet; US Farmers Suffer [Source: Pixabay] The trade war between the US and China has placed tremendous pressure on soybean farmers. In July 2018, a […]

Commodities Market Review: Labor Day Brought Gasoline Price to this Summer’s High

Precious Metals Trembled by Strong USD During the past few months, precious metals were severely hammered by a surging USD on the foreign exchange market. Steep losses occurred to all of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Gold sank to a 1.5-year low, silver a more than 2.5-year low, platinum a 14-year low and palladium a […]

Palladium forecast: 11.8 percent in 1 month

The palladium forecast  for this month based on “I Know First” predictive Algorithm. Forecast date:  November 2 2012. Time horizon of the forecast: 30  trading days from November 2-Decmebr 2 2012.                                                 Click […]