Commodities Market Review: Copper Price Soared to a Four-Year High

Starting from June, industrial metals, especially copper, have been the big movers in the commodities market. On June 8, the LME Copper soared to $7261.5 per ton, reaching its highest price since January 2014. The price of copper is essentially determined by the supply and demand relationship as well as the broad economic factors, such […]

Commodities Market Review: Argentina’s Worst Drought Trembled the Grains Market

For all time, agricultural production is the result of a combination of two factors: financing and weather. This argument got strong support from the increased volatility in grains price over the past few months. The trembling in the market was primarily caused by firstly, this year’s drought conditions in Argentina and secondly, the tariffs and […]

Invest In Commodities: 5.99% Average Gain in 1 Month

The commodities forecast includes prediction for the Top 10 commodities for the past year: 10 commodities with the strongest signal that fit for short position. Time horizon of the forecast: 1 month from October 8th until November 8th 2014