Commodities Forecast: I Know First Commodities Coverage Update


  • I Know First updated the commodity package which covers 44 commodity indices now.
  • The best performers are the ^BCOMKw (up 40.46% over 7-days) and Nickel (up 196.43% over 1-year).
  • I Know First continues to perfect the AI algorithm and provides Commodity services to both institutional and private customers.
  • I Know First provides an investment strategy for institutional investors that generated a return of 100.18% and exceeded the S&P 500 return by 88.86%.

The algorithm of I Know First tracks and provides forecasting for a broad range of commodity indices to help our clients construct an effective portfolio based on their preferences and investment periods from 3-day to 1-year horizons. Currently, we have updated the commodity forecast package which covers now 44 commodity indices.

Commodity Market Review: Uranium Outperforms Most Other Commodities

Summary With the reemergence of  coronavirus cases and consumers growing less confident, the price of gold has declined.  With the decline in gold market, silver has seen a notable increase, with investors hoping it will reach $18.00. Meanwhile, Uranium is able to make gains as a significant power generation fuel. Gold Market Fluctuates With Consumer […]

Commodity Market Review: Investors Take a Shine to Silver

Summary: Investors Take a Shine to Silver Global economic uncertainty along with expectations of interest rate cuts have increased the price of precious metals. There is a disconnect between the price of gold and the price of other precious metals. Gold As global economic uncertainty endures, investors are continuing to turn to safe haven assets, […]

Commodity Market Review: Coffee, Palladium, and Gold Look Golden

Summary: Coffee, Palladium, and Gold Commodity Review Fears of frost in Brazil combined with an appreciating Brazilian Real have increased the cost of coffee. Global economic and political tension along with expectations of interest rate cuts have increased the price of precious metals. Coffee Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans. The state […]

Commodity Market Review: Wheat, Cocoa, and Gold Prices Rise

Summary Wheat futures rise due to rainstorms in midwestern US and limited corn supply Cocoa prices peak as Ivory Coast and Ghana seek to cut supply Gold prices continue rally among global political tension Wheat  Persistent rainstorms in the US Great Plains area did not leave wheat untouched, with wheat futures climbing to the highest […]

Gold Price Prediction: Tumultuous Times, Golden Opportunities

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.


  • Gold has a long history as a reliable hedge against market volatility and a weak dollar.
  • Its market value has a negative correlation with the greenback.
  • Today’s uncertainty and frictions push us to a positive gold price forecast, with the expectation of a surge.

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Commodity Market Review: Coffee, Orange Juice, and Gold Prices Grow

Summary Coffee and orange juice markets influenced by currency fluctuations and weather conditions. Trade wars and expectations of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates lead to increased demand for gold. Coffee Brazil is the main producer of coffee beans, and the recent appreciation of the Brazilian Real has affected the value of coffee in […]

Commodities Market Review: Crude Oil Drops 19.16% Precious Metals Outlook Is Positive

Summary: Over the past three months The Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (Ticker:XAU) have seen a positive increase of 7.13%. Coffee Futures (Ticker: ICE_KC1) saw a positive increase of 2.51% over the three-day period last week. Crude Oil (Ticker: CME_CL1) hit its lowest price for 2018 on Christmas day at $42.53 this is in line […]

Commodities Market Review: Gold’s Turnaround on Powell’s Dovish Tone

Biggest Winner in Commodities Sector With a total gain of 48% cocoa is this year’s best-performing commodity, taking advantage of a drop of over 40% by the end of 2017 from the level in late 2015. Last Wednesday, the cocoa futures on ICE has climbed to an 18-month high of $2,836 per metric ton. The […]

Gold and Commodities Market Review: Strong USD Led to the Failure of Gold’s Rebound

Gold and Commodities Market Review (Source: Commodity Trade Mantra) Sound US Economy Contained Precious Metal Price Gold market experienced another wave of selling pressure in the past week, mainly because of the bullish US economic outlook and stronger USD. Gold price dropped below $1230 per ounce last Tuesday immediately after the comments from Federal Reserve […]

Gold Market Review: Yellow Metal Managing a Breath as USD Weakens

Last week USD was volatile due to the continuous release of U.S. economic data, FOMC meeting minutes and monthly jobs report. As a direct result, the dollar-denominated yellow metal was trembling as well. (Source:   Bullion Sank to New 2018 Low On July 2, Monday, US manufacturing report on Business was released by the […]

Gold Market Review: The Great Escape of Gold Holders

Gold Slid to a New 2018 Low Despite concerns about the trade war between the U.S. and China, gold price didn’t act as the traditional safe haven this time and unexpectedly got a 0.56% setback over the past week. Its $1,267.20 per ounce closing price on Thursday reached the lowest since last December. (Source: […]

Gold Predictions Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 1.93% in 1 Month

Gold Predictions This Gold forecast is part of the Commodities Package, one of I Know First’s algorithmic trading solutions. This package gives gold predictions and other precious metals for the various forecasted time frames and includes our algorithmic outlook for: Gold ETF (GLD) direction Physical Gold (XAU) direction Silver (XAG) direction Package Name: Gold Forecast […]

Gold News: Dollar Hits Year High But Retreats In Face Of Iran Deal

In the latest gold news: As of May 8 at approximately 2:19pm EST, gold was trading at $1317.06 per ounce

Gold News: Global Peace Reassurance Lowers Bullion Prices

In the latest gold news: As of April 30 at approximately 1:51pm EST, gold was trading at $1317.94 per ounce

Gold News: Lessening Geopolitical Danger And Hawkish Fed Create Downward Pressure

In the latest gold news: As of April 23 at approximately 12:49pm EST, gold was trading at $1323.59 per ounce

Gold News: Rising Global Tensions Push Bullion Prices Higher

In the latest gold news: As of April 17 at approximately 11:00am EST, gold was trading at $1343.36 per ounce

Gold News: Boosted By Trade Tension Restrained By White Metals

In the latest gold news: As of April 09 at approximately 11:14am EST, gold was trading at $1333.09 per ounce