Gold News & Algorithmic Success Week’s Update

How does the current Gold and Silver market compare to past bear markets?
Gold mining shares down 41% in 3 months.
Gold drops 12.54% in 3 months.
Silver plunges 22.93% in 3 months.

Gold Forecast: 6.52% Drop in 1 Month

Gold Prediction Based on Predictive Analytics

Gold, Silver and Oil price prediction from August 29th (before market opening) until September 29th 2014 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

Gold News: 7 Key Factors that Influence Gold Prices

Understanding the true value of gold has always been a difficult task to achieve. Here are 7 key factors that can help you understand gold prices better.

Gold News: No Clear Direction for This Week’s Kitco News Gold Survey

This week’s Kitco News gold survey has shown mixed feelings for the direction of gold prices. Geopolitical risks and unexpected good economic data seem to be currently the two main points that help participants pick the direction.

Gold News Today: Why Gold “Could Go to Infinity”

Last Tuesday Former U.S. Representative Ron Paul said that gold “could go to infinity”.Yet, gold prices going up don’t necessarily mean that profits will do the same.

Gold News: Gold Bulls Raise Bets

As Gold prices fall for a second week straight on strong U.S. economic data, Hedge Funds are still increasing their positions on gold, as concerns over the tension between Russia and Ukraine grow.

Gold News Today: Gold Prices Expected to Drop Lower

Gold fell to its lowest level since June 18th last Thursday on the NYMEX. Many analysts expect gold prices to drop further by the end of 2014 even though gold is currently up by more than 8% for the year.

Platinum News : Strikes in South Africa rattle supply

Platinum has neared a 10-month high on Tuesday, as platinum for October delivery (the most actively traded contract) closed at $US1,515.00 for a troy ounce on the NYMEX