Commodities Market Review: Platinum Jumps 35.05% and Natural Gas Continues to Rise

Summary: Platinum (^JPLAT) rose by 35.50% over the past three months. Natural Gas (CME_NG1) rose by a whopping 49.04% over the past three months. As weather-related natural gas demand increased, relatively low levels of natural gas in storage likely contributed to price increases. Source: Wikimedia In this week’s forecast Platinum (^JPLAT) rose by 35.50% over […]

Commodity News: Gold & Oil Prices Continue To Fall

Gold hit a new 5-year low on Thursday before slightly rebounding on Friday, and the commodity could still fall further.

Oil News: Iran Deal Pushes Prices Down

Following the landmark nuclear deal that was agreed upon last week, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil reached its lowest point in three months.

Gold News: Gold Tied To Interest Rates, Falling Oil Rig Count Slows

Gold prices rose after the Federal Reserve meeting, while falling oil rig counts point to a recovery in US production.

Gold News: Mineable Gold Could Run Out In 20 Years

In another two decades, rare commodities such as gold could become extremely scarce according to analysts at Goldman Sachs. Gold prices could soar if the market believes that future discoveries will be limited, which very well could be the case.

Oil Price Forecast: Prices Continue To Fall As Goldman Sachs Slashes Forecasts

Both Brent and US crude are at their lowest level since April 2009 and have fallen for seven straight weeks. Global oil prices fell by more than $1 a barrel on Monday morning as analysts at Goldman Sachs lowered its short-term forecast.