Commodities Market Review: Natural Gas Spikes 19.06% Amid Sudden Cold Snap

Summary: Over the past 14 days Natural Gas (CME_NG1) is up 19.08% (1st Jan to 15th Jan). Natural Gas has experienced an increased level of volatility of late. Over the same 14-day period live Cattle Futures (CME_LC1) are up 2.32%. With the start of January, we are seeing the new wave of summer cattle however, […]

Commodities Market Review: Oil Prices Continue to Fluctuate Amid OPEC Supply Cuts

Summary: Over the three day trading period from January 06 to January 10 crude oil future settlements (CME_CL1) saw returns of 9.65%. Palladium (PALL) has risen +9.33% over the past 14 days in good agreement to the bullish I Know First forecast. On January 6th I Know First algorithm issued bullish predictions for commodities for a 3-Day […]

Commodities Market Review: Soft Commodities was Fully Backed Up until Trump’s New Tariff Policy

Cotton Price Refreshed its 6-Year High The U.S. cotton market has remained stable since its spike in 2011, when China executed its cotton reserving and fiber hording plan. It is believed that U.S. cotton demand and price were artificially kept low because there are always worries that China would unexpectedly unleash its cotton stockpile, about […]

Commodities Market Review: Copper Price Soared to a Four-Year High

Starting from June, industrial metals, especially copper, have been the big movers in the commodities market. On June 8, the LME Copper soared to $7261.5 per ton, reaching its highest price since January 2014. The price of copper is essentially determined by the supply and demand relationship as well as the broad economic factors, such […]

Commodities Market Review: Brent Crude Oil Climbs To New 3 Year High

Crude Oil Market ICE_B1, a benchmark for brent crude oils, had one of the highest returns of the commodities package with increases of 6.97% over the one month period from April 22 to May 22, 2018. One can reasonably suppose that geopolitical concerns led to this increase as crude oil hit some its highest prices […]

Top Commodities Based on a Self-learning Algorithm: Returns up to 4.20% in 3 Days

Commodities Forecast from October 13, 2017 to October 16, 2017 based on I Know First’s stock forecast algorithm.

Commodities Outlook Based on Machine Learning: Highest Return of 38.59% in 3 Months

Commodities Forecast from March 28th to June 28th , 2016 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

Commodities Outlook: Up to 20.16% In 7 Days

Top 10 commodities for the long position from August 27th 2015 (before market opening) until September 3rd 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

Commodities Outlook: Up To 9.19% Return In 1 Month

Top 10 commodities for the long and short position from March 4th 2015 (before market opening) until April 4th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

Commodities Outlook: Up to 12.83% (Long) and 47.46% (Short) Return in 3 Months

Top 5 commodities for the long and the short positions from October 12th 2014 (before market opening) until January 12th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm