Commodity Market Review: Gasoline Rises 10.83% Led by Saudi Oilfield Closures

Commodity Market Review: Summary: Gasoline prices are rising again this time hitting consumers at the pumps too. Brent Crude Oil (ICE_B1) futures rise +7.71% over the weekend. Platinum (^JPLAT) has continued to rise for a month straight now with a 26.17% increase over the past month. Source: GoodFreePhotos Gasoline futures (CME_RB1) rise 10.83% over the […]

Commodities Market Review: Natural Gas Spikes 19.06% Amid Sudden Cold Snap

Summary: Over the past 14 days Natural Gas (CME_NG1) is up 19.08% (1st Jan to 15th Jan). Natural Gas has experienced an increased level of volatility of late. Over the same 14-day period live Cattle Futures (CME_LC1) are up 2.32%. With the start of January, we are seeing the new wave of summer cattle however, […]

Commodities Market Review: Argentina’s Worst Drought Trembled the Grains Market

For all time, agricultural production is the result of a combination of two factors: financing and weather. This argument got strong support from the increased volatility in grains price over the past few months. The trembling in the market was primarily caused by firstly, this year’s drought conditions in Argentina and secondly, the tariffs and […]

Commodities Market Review: Brent Crude Oil Climbs To New 3 Year High

Crude Oil Market ICE_B1, a benchmark for brent crude oils, had one of the highest returns of the commodities package with increases of 6.97% over the one month period from April 22 to May 22, 2018. One can reasonably suppose that geopolitical concerns led to this increase as crude oil hit some its highest prices […]