I Know First Evaluation Report For Premium Currencies & Commodities Package

Evaluation Highlights:

  • The best returns were obtained in the 1 year time horizon, with the best performance being a return of 6.03% for the top 5 predictability and signal filtered assets during this time-horizon.
  • The best hit ratios were similarly obtained for the 1 year time horizon, with the best hit ratio being 67% for the top 10 predictability and signal filtered assets.
  • The Top 5 signals outperform every other signal subset category.

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Gold News: Precious Commodity Surges In 3 Months

Gold prices have risen over the last few months as investors look for a safe-haven for a variety of factors. Fears of a global economic slowdown, political instability in Greece, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and the move by the Swiss National Bank to remove the franc’s peg against the euro have all supported gold over that time, causing it to outperform other assets.