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Commodity Market Review: OPEC Relieves Fears Of A Crude Oil Oversupply

Summary: Crude Oil Futures (CME_CL1) are on the up with a 3.05% rise. The risks of a crude oil oversupply are less likely. Platinum Continues to See A Remarkable Rise. VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) sees a 10.83% increase. Crude Oil Futures (CME_CL1) are on the up with a 3.05% rise over the past […]

Commodities Outlook Based on Genetic Algorithms: Returns up to 5.23% in 3 Days

Commodites Price Forecast for 3 days from July 29 2018 to August 01, 2018.

Commodities Price Outlook Based on Machine Learning: Returns up to 9.41% in 7 Days

Commodites Price Forecast for 3 days from July 25 2018 to August 01, 2018.

Commodity Price Prediction Based on AI: Returns up to 1.15% in 14 Days

The algorithm correctly predicted 2 out 2 of the suggested trades in the Commodities Package for this 14 Days forecast. XAU was the highest-earning trade with a return of 1.15% in 14 Days. Additional high return came from GLD, at 1.13%. The package had an overall average return of 1.14% during the period.

Commodity Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 6.21% in 3 Days

Several predictions in this short-term 3 Days forecast saw significant returns. The algorithm had correctly predicted 8 out 10 stock movements. CME_W1 was the top performing prediction with a return of 6.21%. Cocoa and WEAT saw outstanding returns of 5.44% and 4.15%. ICE_CC1 and ICE_SB2 followed with returns of 3.62% and 3.61%, respectively. Next, ICE_CT1 and CME_NG1 showed the returns of 1.17% and 0.45% for the 3 Days period, respectively. The package had an overall average return of 2.19% during the period.

Gold News: Increasing Political Troubles Push Gold To Year High

In the latest gold news: As of August 21 at 12:40pm EST, gold was trading at $1291.61 per ounce

Commodities Prediction Based on Algo Trading: Almost 8% In Just 3 Days

Commodities Prediction from September 16th, 2016, to September 19th, 2016. Based on I Know First stock forecast algorithm.

Gold Forecast Based on Machine Learning: Highest Return of 16.47% in 3 Months

Gold ETF, Physical Gold and Silver from May 3rd, 2016 until August 3rd, 2016 based on the “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

Commodities Predictions Based on Artificial Intelligence: Return up to 8.59% in 1 Month

Commodities Forecast from January 21st to February 21st, 2016 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

Oil Price Predictions Based On Deep Learning: Up to 23.59% in 30 days

Gold ETF, Physical Gold, Silver and Oil from December 20th, 2015 until January 20th, 2016 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

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Gold Forecast: Up To 29.76% Return in 1 Year

Gold ETF , Gold Price Forecast from July 27th 2014 (before market opening) until July 27th 2015 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm.

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Algorithmic Services

Algorithmic traders utilize these daily forecasts as a tool to enhance portfolio performance, verify their own analysis and act on market opportunities faster. We never recommend blindly purchasing assets that are endorsed by the algorithm without your own additional analysis.

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