Oil News: Saudi Oil Giant Going Public?

Rumors are circling about a potential IPO of Saudi oil giant, Aramco. Such a move will certainly have global repercussions.

Oil Price Predictions Based On Deep Learning: Up to 23.59% in 30 days

Gold ETF, Physical Gold, Silver and Oil from December 20th, 2015 until January 20th, 2016 based on “I Know First” stock forecast algorithm

Oil News: Crude Oil Prices Near Seven-Year Lows

In the 7 day Oil Forecast from November 30th the I Know First algorithm correctly predicted that both Brent Crude Oil and NYMEX Crude Oil would decrease in the predicted time horizon. Crude oil prices are now approaching seven-year lows.

Commodity News: Gold And Oil On The Rise

The Federal Reserve signaled the possibility of more monetary stimulus, boosting bullion’s appeal as a hedge against possible inflation, in turn resulting in Gold futures rising for the first time this week.

Oil News: Iran Deal Pushes Prices Down

Following the landmark nuclear deal that was agreed upon last week, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil reached its lowest point in three months.