Gold News: A Sweet Month for Gold Investors

Gold News

There were pretty days for Gold investors, raising about 1.4% during last week.

gold news

Gold prices closed last week in 1.118 US Dollar per ounce, an increase of 1.4% in five days and showing an interesting performance during 2016 when Gold price went up about 5%, while stock markets showed disappointing returns.

We have seen Investors starting to get back into the Gold for the first time in several months, allocating more than 1 billion US dollar to the biggest ETFs.  The uncertainty on the market reduced the expectations for rate hikes on the US which was one of the reason of the gold performance and the rebound on stock markets.

While the expectation of hike rates remains low and stocks markets continue showing volatility, Gold won´t have reasons to be hit and more fund will be invested in the commodity.


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