Gold News: Will Gold Outperforms Stocks?

Gold News

Gold has had a good performance this January, with gains that have been consolidated throughout the month. And best of all, it has avoided the volatility that has impacted significantly on almost the other asset classes.

Gold News

Whilst most of the commodities continue with a bearish signal, once again, holding on this Metal continues to be a way to earn money.  This situation shows that while other assets fell late last week, the gold pullback made investors very happy. This indicates that a strong underlying demand and a recovery trend.

For now, we can say that the share of gold in the assets of hedge funds is very small. The volume of metal in the world’s largest fund SPDR Gold Trust ETF has been reduced to a minimum of 7 years.

Moreover, The Fed is not expected to take action on interest rates due to the volatility of the market. It is recommended to follow this issue.

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